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Morgan Streblar Lecture, 29th June 2023, 8pm.

About Morgan
Morgan is viewed as one of the world’s leading experts and performers in the field of PsychoKinetic magic, also known as PK. Using only the power of the mind, PK is the ability to physically alter or affect various objects. For example, Morgan uses this extraordinary “gift” to bend forks, coins, and keys, as well as force items to move without logical explanation.

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Jamie Williams Lecture, 11th July 2023, 8pm

Jamie Williams brings his “fantastically fun and original” lecture to Blackpool.
Jamie is the creator of some of the most popular magic effects being performed today including Sticker Kicker, Celebrikey and Kung Fu Kap, and is set to release even more of his effects in 2023 including the hotly anticipated “Star Draws”.
Jamie has been awarded the Silver Star by The Magic Circle and has even lectured at The Magic Circle to amazing reviews.

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Lee Hathaway Lecture, 27th July 2023. 8pm.

Lee has over 25 years performing experience, is a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and is the chairman of the Magic Circle London. In addition Lee was one of the first UK magicians to successfully fool Penn & Teller, Lee is recognised as one of the top performing close-up workers in the UK today.

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Ian Barradell Tenyo Magic Lecture, 12 Sept 2023, 8pm

Wow what a great lecture! As most magicians who were struck with the magic bug at a young age will know Tenyo is great place to start as it’s easily available in joke shops. What I’d forgotten was just how clever and well made these items are. I’m a born again Tenyo fan and will be looking to get some of the items Ian so ably demonstrated.