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Tuesday 14th June 2022 Martin Peirce Lecture

Tuesday 14th June 2022 Martin Peirce Lecture 8pm

EEE stands for Easy, Effective and Entertaining and if you have ever seen Martin lecture or perform this sums up his material.

Martin Peirce is an award winning magician with over 25 years experience in the magical world. He is a very popular performer and his presentation style concentrates on providing great entertainment to his audiences. Martin is a regular contributor of magical articles with his unique tricks for The Linking Ring amongst many other publications and they are very well received.

As an inventor of magic Martin is a great thinker, he provides winning commercial routines that are easy to do but very strong in performance. These effects that he has created are guaranteed to have that necessary ‘Wow’ factor for those audiences that witness them.
His work on how to achieve maximum impact with minimal work will amaze you along with his energy and passion he uses in every magical demonstration.
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