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Tuesday 12th July 2022, An evening with Romany

Join us on this unique night with the amazing and inspirational Romany

Romany performs her award-winning comedy magic show all over the world in beautiful theatres and on cruise ships. She is an international speaker who inspires thousands to have the courage and tenacity to follow their dreams.

But as a chubby little girl, her dream of making it in showbiz didn’t look likely. Age 26, following a breakdown caused by a a combination of a stressful business career and a serious eating disorder, Romany decided to ignore everyone’s advice and to follow her dream of becoming an entertainer. Often, realising a dream doesn’t happen overnight. From her first magic class aged 26, to winning the World Magic Awards in Las Vegas aged 43. Romany followed her heart and listened to the whispers of her intuition. This story is a rollercoaster story of determination and persistence—about deciding that you’re going to walk stubbornly towards your heart’s desire and not stop until you’re there, trusting that the next step will appear—as if by magic.


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