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Tuesday 11th April 23 Craig Petty Lecture



How does a failing magician and businessman wind up motivating professional audiences all over the UK?

How does a self-confessed bum and terrible magician who kept getting bad audience after bad audience over and over again end up running multiple successful businesses, and standing on stage at one of Europe’s biggest business exhibitions?

And how is he going to help you, your audience and your event?

Craig’s career was littered with failure, disaster, and one terrible magic gig after another. He was in a hole and the only thing he had was magic. Eventually he came to the shocking realisation that he wasn’t just unlucky with bad gigs and terrible audiences – he was bad at magic and giving terrible performances.

Craig got off the sofa, built up his skills, and exploded his business.

Sharing stories from performances for the head of Rolls Royce to the back-street clubs that nearly destroyed him, Craig gives lessons and learnings from the toughest times to the highest magical moments in his career.

Magic, noise, unapologetic passion, and explosive enthusiasm bring story after story to his entertained and energised audiences.

“Take risk after risk, failure after failure, and learn from them and apply them to your business.”

He’s a powerful speaker, incredible magician, and focused businessman. Merging together three worlds rarely seen together on stage before, Craig Petty will amaze and motivate your audience from start to finish.

The Magic Circle kicked him out, his competition hates him, and he rarely shies away from an online fight.

If you want a speaker with grit, determination and a heap of entertainment then Craig Petty is your man.

Motivation and magic – it’s the business!


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