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Thursday 24th November 22 Oliver Tabor Lecture

Oliver is a full time stage and close-up magician, he specialises in visual stage magic and regularly performs his stage/cabaret acts in theatre shows and cabaret venues such as the Leicester Square Theatre and the Hippodrome Casino in London. During his lecture he offers effects for close-up, mentalism, stage and children’s magic.Throughout the explanations he illustrates how to make performances more powerful by applying the rules of stagecraft, how to deconstruct a routine or act whilst eliminating any unnecessary movements and actions, and how to give your magic more of an impact in general.

He shares the workings behind one of his regular working stage routines, the evolution of ideas and inspiration throughout its creation that includes a bottle production, the appearance of a glass of wine, and a manipulation sequence involving bubbles.
Plus, there are effects with cards, roses, a T & R restored paper and mentalism routines.
He also covers his thoughts on stage magic with an introduction into how the techniques, psychology and rules followed by stage manipulators can easily be applied to all performance situations: from cabaret to close-up and from parlour to mentalism. Lecture notes and products are available to purchase. OLIVER TABOR Delivering a varied, unique and elegant twist on stage magic. A multi-award winning magician and member of the Magic Circle, most recently receiving an award at the 2017 European Championships of Magic and a past International British Magic Champion. Oliver is a full time close-up and stage magician who has supplied entertainment to various events for over 20 years including corporate dinners, cruise ships, product launches, promotions, weddings, theatre shows, television, radio and private functions.  Oliver also produces his own theatre productions around the UK throughout the year including regular London show ‘West End Magic’ at the Leicester Square Theatre and ‘Magic at the Barn’ at the Red Brick Barn theatre in Essex. He’s acted as a consultant to film and TV productions such as the Hollywood film ‘Now You See Me 2’ and BBC series London Spy.

In September 2022 he will become the IBM British Ring president.


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