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Neil Roberts Lecture,30th Nov 2023, 8pm


One of the best kept secrets of magic is the fact that most towns and cities have their own magic club or society. There are currently over one hundred magic clubs in the UK alone. Award winning magician Neil Roberts reveals this clandestine world from its earliest beginnings to a discussion on the current magic scene. Full of anecdotes from Neil’s backstage career and even a few tricks performed live.

The End of the End of the Pier Show

A review of the history of British sea-side entertainment, from the early days of the travelling pierrot shows to the big-name TV
star spectaculars. How and when did they start? Why and
when did they finish? And what exactly is the definition

of an end of the pier show anyway? All these and other questions are asked (and some may be answered!) A nostalgic look back at an era that has all but disappeared.

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