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AUG 11 2020. Jasper Blakeley Lecture. 8pm


Jasper Blakeley, otherwise known as Kockov the Russianesque Mind-Reader, presents his online lecture.

Featuring real-world mind-reading effects that he’s been performing for many years, this 2 hour lecture promises to be both entertaining and extremely practical.

Jasper will be covering his Real Live Russian Roulette Routine with 4 revolvers and how you can adapt it for any risk routine or even a Bank Night presentation

He’ll take an indepth look at his P.O.P. Booktest where you can use any book at all to create an amazing multi-phase booktest even showing pre-cognition.

Jasper will discuss his use of The Other Brother’s Booktest (not revealing any methods) but how he accidentally found a regular paperback fiction book that you can buy from Amazon, that just happens to contain an amazing sentence on a force page that has become the kicker ending to his current cabaret show – it really is one of those extraordinary flukes of printing.

Absolutely No IKEA is a multi-person mind-reading routine that costs almost nothing to make, that anyone can create just by popping to IKEA and picking up some pencils, slips of paper and some catalogues. Simple, strong and very entertaining.

Dartboard Prediciton – Jasper explains how is dartboard prediction effect works and how you can use the method to work any cabaret mind-reading prediction – this just happens to be used to reveal the score thrown from 3 darts by a spectator.

Finally Jasper will explain the inner workings of his commercially released Flown Away effect – predicting the one destination that a volunteer has chosen from 50 in the fairest way possible. Having worked this effect for many years in comedy clubs, private parties and corporate events, Jasper goes into depth how some simple cold reading can enhance what is already a bullet-proof strong routine.

There is also your chance to buy Jasper’s Blackpool 2018 download Lecture pack complete with lecture notes, online videos and pdfs at an incredible 75% off – just £25 instead of the usual £100 (this includes the full 10K word pdf of Flown Away with an exclusive live performance video – Flown Away currently retails online at around £35!)

Jasper is also sole owner of The Small Space in Barry south Wales, The World’s Smallest Magic Theatre and he’s a UK headline stand-up comic and has performed and lectured all over the world – he also has almost 70 different performance characters too.


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