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Jan 12 2021 Paul Gordon Lecture


Paul Gordon Magic Lecturer: Since 1987, Paul Gordon has lectured worldwide including 4Fs (Fechter’s Finger Flinging Frolics), The IBM, Tannen’s Jubilee, Mark Leveridge’s Close-Up Symposium, The Magic Circle (5 times), FFAP (France), Blackpool Magic Convention, Penguin Live, At The Table Experience, Monaco All Stars and in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and all over the UK.

Please see the rave reviews, promo video and photos below.

It’s a fun fast-paced lecture that even non-cardmen will learn from and enjoy. There’s no heavy material; just doable worker commercial card magic and lots of typical Paul Gordon fun. Paul’s lecture is full of worker doable card magic from his best-selling Gold Dust Trilogy, Quidnunc, Article 52 books and dvds such as Killer Card Magic, The Real Secrets of Card Magic, Gold Dust Live, Seven Workers Packet Tricks and Live in Action; plus tips, advice, stories, patter, presentation, gags, experiences, funnies etc., etc!

Boris Wild: “One of the most exciting lecturers. Great magic, fun and energetic!”

Wayne Dobson: “I have just spent a very enjoyable couple of hours watching Paul Gordon’s excellent lecture. There are so many workable ideas. Great fun. I urge you to see this, you will not be disappointed!”

Terry Herbert: “Although cards are not my speciality, I have just been to one of Paul Gordon’s lectures and it was the most entertaining and informative one I have ever been to; and very funny”

Dan Harlan: “One of the strongest magic lectures I’ve seen! The strongest response from laymen we’ve ever had.”

Rafael Benatar: “Paul Gordon’s lecture was full of truly practical and effective material that caught the attention of even those who are not into cards. Every single piece is worthy of study, great impact with a minimum of effort and many wonderful ungimmicked solutions. Very inspiring.”

J.C Wagner:  “The funniest and most entertaining lecture I’ve seen in years! Jeez, you’re good. Kinda stuff I love!”

Walt Lees (Abra): “Paul Gordon held some fifty people enthralled. His command is phenomenal. With his showmanship and personality he makes card tricks entertaining and meaningful. He has them hanging onto his every word; not just for a few minutes but for an hour or so! Watch Paul Gordon perform on his Gold Dust Live DVD to see what proper card magic looks like and the response it gets.”

Jeff McBride “Your books arrived and are wonderful. I love your style. Gold Dust is pure gold! You’re a master of modern close-up’re routines are stunning and unmatched in the world.”

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