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Bill Sharpe Lecture, 9th Jan 2024. 8pm

Bill Sharpe Lecture How to make and perform electronic balloon popping kids prediction trick for less £50 plus other uses Effect : The magician presents 3 different coloured balloons after finding a magician apprentice from the audience (a child) the magician explains they’re going to do some magic wand training. The magician explains that inside each balloon is a card, 2 balloons have a cross on them and one has a tick. The magician allows the child to pick a balloon and from there the magician labels a cross or tick above each balloon depending on what the child has selected. The magician shows the child how to use the (ordinary) wand And instructs the kid to do 3 big circles with the wand then flick it at one of the balloons marked with a cross let’s say the red one. It explodes and leaves a card hanging with a matching cross, we then do the second balloon marked with a cross let’s say the yellow one and once again when it explodes it leaves a card with a matching cross, we then aim for the final balloon the blue one which was marked with a tick and it explodes revealing the matching tick card. It’s a really fun routine as a comedy touch I attach a balloon dog on top and say it’s the prize then in their first attempt of popping a balloon they aim bad and get the dog which always gets a good laugh! This is my own original routine I’ve worked on for the passes 8months Other effects possible with the gimmick used for balloon pop prediction which I will perform are: 🪄Balloon frame (silk to balloon) 🪄Giant cups and balls comedy routine (normally end of routine they fly away in this one you hear the balloon pop inside 🪄 flash effects in nearly any prop or illusion Reviving or re-theming props tips The simple process of redesigning stage props to fit your brand, I will re theme the balloon popping machine in 3mins whilst talking about tips on what’s good to use and how your junk in your shed can look brand new again or cheap props look more expensive to give a more professional look. THE BIG BAND As I explained previously I always wanted a big bang in my show to wake the audience up. To buy all the gear to achieve that is very expensive along with the maroons themselves. Instead for a one time purchase of £20 you can use an alarm mine for the same effect. These are what farmers use to scare away thieves. The blanks it uses to fire work out at just £2 a go which is much cheaper than the stage use alternative. As I previously explain I use this with the shoe burn now so when I remove the box to take it back it pulls the mine and the bag goes off. I’m not sure if a live demo of the bang would be allowed dependent on the venues rules I guess and as previously discussed I can do this with your shoe burn and not reveal the trick just talk about the bang or I can relocate the device to my roll on table and use it for something else. If not allowed to fire that’s also fine I know there’s rules about the use of flash and fire related products within the winter gardens. Ribbon through leg This is my edc it’s just a loop of ribbon, It’s like silk through mic stand but it’s ribbon through anything you can get the ribbon around. I use my leg or I pick up chairs and drop them off the ribbon. In my stage show I perform this with a fantastic trick by Cody fisher called the impossible box 2, I vanish a ring using a vanishing ring box, then I present a blue ribbon talking about marriage. I use the ribbon through leg trick as a cute little throw away before allowing the spectator to tie it around the ring box. The ring then appears inside a metal box , inside wool, inside a Perspex box as per Cody’s routine. Record prediction A blank record is placed on a player, You have a collection of records in a box, you name all the songs in the collection and ask the audience to name one of them, you press play on the record and it is of course the song they chose, you then further prove they got it right by showing each record sleeve has the record in it but the song they mentioned is empty. This can be a good precursor for a music based trick if you have a routine you perform to music with no patter.

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