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Thursday 29th September 2022. Ali Cook Lecture


“Forget what you think you know about comedy magicians – Ali Cook is edgy, intelligent, self-referential and caustically hilarious.
GQ Magazine. 
When I presented ‘Dirty Tricks’ on Channel 4 our producer Andrew O’Connor said to me and Pete Firman “You are a great magicians, but to host a studio show, you need to be able to hold an audience with no props; get on the comedy circuit and leave your tricks at home.”

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Tuesday 8th November 22 Bryan Farron Lecture

Bizarre Magic

The first section of the lecture is a brief outline of my career from the first magic book I borrowed from my school library to help with my dyslexia to winning awards and becoming a show producer right though to inventing new and innovative magic and special effects.

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Thursday 24th November 22 Oliver Tabor Lecture

Oliver is a full time stage and close-up magician, he specialises in visual stage magic and regularly performs his stage/cabaret acts in theatre shows and cabaret venues such as the Leicester Square Theatre and the Hippodrome Casino in London. During his lecture he offers effects for close-up, mentalism, stage and children’s magic.Throughout the explanations he illustrates how to make performances more powerful by applying the rules of stagecraft, how to deconstruct a routine or act whilst eliminating any unnecessary movements and actions, and how to give your magic more of an impact in general.

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