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Our timeline

Record breaking convention

2020 Brings yet another record breaking convention. The club is very proud of all its members, past & present, and for all their efforts and support in bringing continued success to the Club and Convention over the years.

Guinness World Records

In February 2015 the Blackpool Magic Convention entered the Guinness World Records by registering 3613 magicians for its 63rd Convention and was officially recognised as the Largest Magic Convention in the World. The official GWR Certificate was presented at the 64th Convention.

Property owners

On 21st November 2014 Blackpool Magicians Club became a property owner, by securing and purchasing new Headquarters at 56-60 Caunce Street, Blackpool.

FISM European Championships of Magic

The first FISM European Championships of Magic was hosted by Blackpool Magicians Club in February 2011. This was followed in July 2012 by the FISM World Championships of Magic.


On the 1st July 2008 the Club relocated once again to rented premises at the rear of Sherbourne Road Blackpool. The premises were originally donkey stables, which had been redeveloped to house ‘The Claremont Theatre Club’. After further renovation the Club moved in, changing the name above the doors to ‘The Blackpool Magic Club’. For 6 happy years a variety of meetings, lectures and social nights were hosted at the club. In 2008 the Club held its 56th Convention, breaking all previous attendance records.

Private club room

April 1995 was the year the Club ‘went up market’ by having its own private club room at the Savoy Hotel.

The Winter Gardens

1978 was a special year. On the 26th of February the Blackpool Convention moved to a new venue, ‘The Winter Gardens’ to stage its 26th one day convention.

Club meetings

On the 27th October 1966 the Club meetings started at the Gables Hotel in conjunction with the Casino. The Club operated from there until 1983 when it moved back to the Claremont Hotel.

New headquarters

The Club moved to a new headquarters at the Claremont Hotel, North Promenade and held its first AGM there on the 21st April 1963. That same year we held our 11th Convention, the date was 24th February 1963.

First Convention

The first one day convention was held at the Casino Pleasure Beach on Sunday 22nd February 1953 – starting at 2:30pm. With a full programme for Registrants, including 5 magic dealers – Scottish Magic Studio (Jack Silver), Oscar Oswald, Unique Magic Studio (Harry Stanley & Ken Brooke), Magical Exchange Service (Charles Fitness & Cliff Lount) and Jack Hughes. The day was a huge success. The gala show featured Ken Brooke, Bill Edwards, Harold G Beaumont, Jack Ledwick, Jimmy Lees, Karamba, Tedrique and Austin Mitchell From 1951 the club was known as The Blackpool Magic Circle – But in 1962 the club’s current title was agreed on.