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9th Feb 2021 Morgan and West Lecture

Morgan and West met whilst studying at Oxford in the late nineteenth century.

It was in that most reclining of seats of learning that the duo’s love of deception and legerdemain was born, and they would have been joined at the hip ever since, were it not for the vast discrepancy in the height of their pelvises.

The first half is all about three effects from our show Parlour Tricks in quite some depth, and covers everything from methods to thinking behind why the tricks are done the way they are.
Two of the tricks are excellent for solo performers, one of the tricks is used to illustrate how you can take a ‘classic’ and find your own trick in it.
The second half is all about coding and teaches really simple and straight-forward codes for everyone to learn and get playing with right away. Very few people talk openly about coding in mentalism and magic, so we want to show others just how much fun it can be to play with. We also talk in full about our most complicated code tricks. It’s something very different and has always been well received by magicians from Blackpool to Magic Live in Vegas.
The lecture is fully supported by video performances and slide shows so it’s not just two heads on a screen talking at you, we wanted to make it as interesting, as fun, and most importantly as engaging as possible. We’re then happy to do as much Q&A and chat about anything as wanted as well.
Here’s a YouTube link to a trailer to show you a bit more of the format and what to expect:
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