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28th May 2020. 8pm. John Carey Online Lecture

We are delighted to announce that John Carey will be presenting a special online Zoom Virtual Lecture for us on May 28th at 8 pm! John is the critically acclaimed author of 6 books and has myriad dvds and downloads to his name. His work has taken him so far to 20 countries around the world and his work is in the repertoire of magicians globally.

An evening with Carey is an event you will not want to miss. Seven of the items in the lecture are brand new and unpublished and this will be the first time John has shared them. He will also perform material from his latest book, Reflections we are sure you will love. All the material is strong, commercial and practical. You are in for a treat!

The Program:

1. Rock n Roll Ladies- A super strong and very easy production of the Queens from the deck.

2. Twisting 2020 style. John’s hyper visual approach to Vernon’s Twisting the Aces.

3. A lady in your thoughts. A beautiful revelation of a genuinely thought of card.

4. Slow Motion Dr Daley. Carey’s slow motion approach to the classic Last Trick of Dr Daley. So visual!

5. Invisible Palm Carey Style. You will love this streamlined version of the classic Open Traveller’s that uses no extra cards.

6. Impromptu Wild Card. A myriad of magical transformations with 4 normal cards.

7. You! Make your spectator the star as they find your thought of card over the internet!

Material from Reflections:

8. The perception False shuffle. A devious false shuffle you will love using.

9. The spread drop false cut. A very deceptive false cut.

10. Semi Auto All Backs. No sleights, just great magic!

11. Carey on the cross cut force. Devious!

12. One thought and one card. An imaginary deck and a stunning prediction. A worker!

13. Destiny

14. Cinematica

15. Yours and Mine!

Three of Johns super commercial packet effects available only from him.

Zoom meeting details will be emailed to members and available on the Members only facebook group.

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