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13th July 2021, Vinny Sagoo Lecture

Sky’s The Limit Lecture

Elegantly weaving magic and mentalism together, Vinny’s lecture comprises of five effects suitable for stage, parlour and close-up, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

BAFFLED – Four different cards are selected and assigned a new value. These new cards help find your prediction, and for the finale… well the whole deck is now blank! PLUS, you can examine everything!

DIGITS – Several spectators shuffle a group of cards, which have a random four digit number on the back. The digits are all called out and added, which match your prediction. At the end, you name all of the playing cards!

ELIMINATOR – A card is selected and then lost in the pack. The spectator eliminates small packets until the selection is found. No magician’s choice in sight.

SLICK – I promise you that this super easy grease and H2O routine will not put you to sleep… zzZ

INTENSE – Cards from 1 to 10 are shown. The spectator mentally selects any number/card. A prediction is made and when the cards are laid out, the selection is missing, oh and it’s turned blank!

So if you like easy, simple and powerful magic without knuckle-busting moves or sleights, then hold on to your seat, because sky’s the limit!






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