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13th April 2021 Gareth White Lecture.

The Handbook. Lecture TOUR
I was working as a successful kids entertainer when Covid-19 hit. Like everyone else, I saw all of my live work being cancelled and my income dwindled. Rather than sit there and cry into my dove pan, I decided to turn adversity into opportunity. 

Lots of people were holding meetings online and I wondered if it was possible to create an online magic show for children. 
I started to market and perform my online show, and the idea quickly took off. Within a few months I had performed over 200 virtual children’s shows. I have learned a lot of lessons along the way, and in this mini lecture, I am going to showcase chapters to show you how to set up and perform your own virtual children’s shows. 
Gareth will take you through 
  • Initial set ups on Zoom
  • Backdrops including Canva
  • A few effects
  • ‘Change the way you take business ‘
  • ’10 minute show sleuth’
  • ‘Mr/Ms worldwide’
  • Top Zoom tips 
This type of show is perfect for the type of global lockdown that we are now experiencing. However, it is far more than that. Even when we are all out and about again, you will have a product that will provide an extra revenue stream because you can entertain people who are located anywhere in the world. 
Now is the time to get online for the future of family entertainment.
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