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10th May, Jon Allen Lecture

10th MAY 2022


Jon Allen is a performer, lecturer, author and creator of unique magical effects and routines. He is a multi-award winning magician having won The Magic Circle, World IBM & British Ring IBM close-up competitions. He was invited to lecture at FISM in 2003 and has lectured to magicians worldwide from USA to Asia and Australia. Many of his effects have appeared in magazines worldwide and he featured in the July 2009 issue of MAGIC magazine.

His commercial magical effects include Paragon 3D, Double Back, The Destination Box, The Pain Game, Flexion and most famously The Silent Treatment. Jon’s DVD set, ‘Connection’ contains many of the routines he regularly performs ‘in the real world’. Don’t worry as there are no knuckle-busting, sleight-heavy routines.
Among the things you will learn in his lecture are:
A multi-phase routine using a pen and a coin… with a surprise finale
The most outrageous false count in magic
A super simple peek
A fantastic finale to any signed card routine, using a balloon and a move hardly ever used in close-up.
The greatest impromptu routine ever that turns a child into a mega-star magician
The single word that will help you be a better magician whatever level you are at
Why you should break things
Why Jon thinks one of the ‘classics’ of magic is a terrible trick

This will also be the first lecture where Jon gives you the details on his new product release ‘Down to One’
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