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Blackpool Magicians Club Ltd.

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President: Chris Stickland

Treasurer: Michael Shepherd


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Secretary:David Plant

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Jim Lumsden-

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Harry Robson

Chris Stickland     

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Chris Stickland, President 2017-2018

Chris Started his association with Blackpool Magicians Club, helping to set up the Dealers halls at the Blackpool Magic Convention, some 15years ago. As well as being President, Chris is also one of the Convention Dealer Officers. He makes his living performing close up magic at various functions, all over the UK, Chris is also a timed served Joiner.  

Blackpool Magicians Club hosts the World's Largest Magic Convention every February right here in Blackpool. Blackpool is renowned for being one of the most exciting magic destinations in the world and regularly welcomes over 3500 of the finest magicians to share their passion for this art.

Blackpool Magicians Club’s diary of events and lectures is second to none, featuring international stars from around the globe. Blackpool Magic Convention is even in the Guinness Book of Records for its record breaking attendance.

Blackpool is the UK’s capital for variety entertainment and Blackpool Magicians Club is proud to carry on that tradition by keeping international variety entertainment alive through the showcase of bright new talent and world class professionals. Blackpool Magicians Club strives to develop magical ideas, creativity, community and friendship within the world of magic and looks forward to welcoming you to its Caunce Street   headquarters and mega annual convention in the very near future.

Should you have any queries and wish to contact us, visit the contact page for the relevant person to speak to.

Magical wishes

Blackpool Magicians Club.

Guy Barrett, President Elect